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Searching  for a genuine job to work at home has never been easy! The list below shows jobs by category. Browse it to find remote companies offering legitimate work from home jobs.


Countless writing opportunities await you out there, as many companies are seeking freelance writers to complete resumes, school reports, essays, articles, etc.


Find out worldwide opportunities ranging from web research, customer support, writing, and freelancing, among others. Many companies are offering work at home jobs from all over the world.

Website Testing

The job of a Website Tester is to ensure that navigation of websites is very easy. You are expected to give your opinion on the ease-of-use, quality and the design of the site.

Virtual Assistant

As a Virtual Assistant you will provide various prices from a remote location, including Social media management, Event management, Managing calendars, appointments and emails.

Teaching (Education)

This is a great opportunity for you who loves working in the teaching industry. Tutors are being recruited by many companies to help students  with homework in various subjects.


Are you considering work from home transcription jobs?The skills you need to possess are fast and accurate typing skills, grammar and excellent spelling skills.


Do you enjoy identifying grammar errors and helping people to improve their writing skills? Working from home as a proofreader or an editor is fits you.

Search Evaluation

As a search engine evaluators, you will be expected to give feedback to ensure that internet search results are comprehensive, accurate, timely and that they are spam-free and relevant to the searcher’s intent

Social Media Moderators

This job involves monitoring Facebook posts, comments that are posted on blogs, message boards, websites, chat rooms, etc.

Healthcare (Medical Coding and Billing)

Get to know companies offering work from home healthcare jobs in transcription, boding, medical billing, and much more.

Micro Jobs

Make Money Completing Simple Online Micro Jobs

Mystery Shopper

If you like to work as an “undercover customer”, then find out companies that will pay you to shop and collect data

Customer Service

This work involves supporting customers by ensuring they have enjoyable experiences which exceed customer expectations.

Data Entry

This job involves inputting data into a computer from forms or other non-electronic forms of data

ESL Tutoring

This involves having virtual classes to students how to speak, read, and write in English


recording financial transactions pertaining to a business.


Artistic people get paid online for writing and drawing greeting cards


This kind of work involves you chatting with or e-mailing clients. No telephone involved.


14 Companies Offering Entry Level Typing Jobs